King of Bad Ideas

The King Of Bad Ideas is a collaboration between Jeff and Doc, which evolved into an epic story and song that speaks for itself.  Doc has kept a journal of funny things that patients say to him over the years.  The idea for the song sprung from one of his most memorable, risk-taking patients who blew off his many problems under the premise that he is the self-proclaimed “King Of Bad Ideas.”  Doc took a series of those funny lines from many patients and gave the lyrics to Jeff who wove a wild tale into a full story about this KOBI (King Of Bad Ideas), and then set it to a wild, barely-in-control rock riff that takes off like a rocket.  The band jumped in and MLC-ized into this power rocker that barely leaves room to breath.


King Of Bad Ideas

I am The King Of Bad Ideas   I am a simple kind of guy
I brandish an attitude, always one step behind
I play the fool and lead the jerk parade
My best ideas blow up like a grenade

I am the one that keeps you guessing
The one man who makes you scratch your head
You can’t quite figure out my motivation
But you have to admit that you dig the aggravation
I’m the monkey wrench in the plans you made
I’m the Kryptonite in Superman’s lemonade

CHORUS    I turned left when I should’a turned right
Pulled into an alley on a dark and stormy night
I got down when I should’a got up
I only give a little when a little’s not enough
I stayed late at the gamblin’ house
Doubled down and took a hit when I should’a walked out
I know you’re real cool but I wouldn’t want to be ya
I’m the designated fool and the King Of Bad Ideas

I am the King Of Bad Ideas
You couldn’t set me straight if you used both hands
There should be an award for everything I’ve done wrong
Stick around baby ‘cause it won’t be long
Till I screw up again, maybe piss off a friend
My stream of bad ideas never comes to an end

CHORUS   I shut down when I should’a shut up
Put in two cents when a penny was enough
I struck out when I never should’a swung
Should’a went home early but it was more fun
To burn down the gamblin’ house
Cause they threw me in the street when my money ran out
You’re a sweet dame but I really shouldn’t see ya
Got my own Hall Of Shame, I’m the King Of Bad Ideas


KING- That’s why I’m so fun
KING – That’s why you’re the one
KING – I’ll always keep you on the run
KING – I’m the King Of Bad Ideas


CHORUS    I turned left when I should’a turned right
I should’a walked away instead of starting that fight
I got up when I should’a stayed down
Should’a put my brush away instead of painting the town
They grilled me about the gamblin’ house
I let you take the fall and now you can’t get out
I know that it was cruel and I wish that I could free ya
I’m a certified tool and the King Of Bad Ideas


Lyrics: S. Bloom, J. Kruizenga
Music: J. Kruizenga